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Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board members are all recognised practitioners in the field of Public-Private Partnerships. Their experience and expertise reflect our international aspirations, our connectivity with private and public sector, and our desire to provide clients with inspiring and world class services.


John DM Davie

Chairman of Altra Capital.

He served two three-year terms as chairman of the UKTI (UK Government) Advisory Group on Public Private Partnerships, served as a member of the UK Financial Services Sector Advisory Board and as Chairman of British Expertise. He is chairman of the British Expertise Project Finance and PPP working group. John is a member the UN Economic Council for Europe Panel of PPP Experts. He has been involved the evolution of contemporary theory of PPP since its inception in the UK in 1992.

John is well known in the City of London, where he is an adviser to The Lord Mayor of the City of London on PPP. John runs the British Expertise series of PPP Master Classes providing training for novices and experts in PPP.

With a background in project management of major real estate and infrastructure developments John has developed a thorough appreciation of both finance and management. He has gained wide-ranging hands-on experience in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, where he has advised many major private sector clients and governments on various strategic issues.

Mr Davie is a Visiting Professor at the London Metropolitan Business School.



Stephen Harris

Advisor on PPP

Stephen Harris has fifteen years’ experience of working with over 60 overseas governments on the development of their PPP policies and programmes; especially in the areas of structuring, capacity building, communications and training. He is a regular speaker on PPP around the world, and has made over 150 presentations in 50 countries. He has run over 180 PPP overseas seminars, events or training courses. He has written many reports, articles and papers on PPP and is regularly interviewed by the international print and broadcast media.

He acts as advisor on PPP for the Lord Mayor of London and has written speeches for UK and foreign ministers. He provides PPP training for UK diplomatic Posts.

Previous roles have been at Global Infrastructure Group Ltd, Tribal Group plc, International Financial Services London and Lloyd’s of London. He began his career at Clyde & Co, solicitors. He was educated at Hampton School, Brasenose College, Oxford University and the College of Law, Guildford.



Arthur Smith

Vice President, Management Analysis

Art Smith has 29 years of experience in analysing and implementing Public-Private Partnerships. He is President of Management Analysis, Incorporated, a consulting firm which specialises in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) related issues.

Mr. Smith has been active in United Nations PPP programs since 2001. In October 2005, he was elected to the post of Vice Chair for Public-Private Partnership Research and Education for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) PPP Alliance. In December 2005, he completed a UNECE-funded research effort on the Statutory and Enabling Environment for Public-Private Partnerships in the Russian Federation, based upon the new (August 2005) concessions law. He has represented the UN on PPP-related issues in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He was a primary author of the UNECE’s publication, “Governance in Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure.” Currently, he is participating in a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe research project, “Creating a New Dynamic for Public-Private Partnerships for Peaceful and Sustainable Development: Human Security and Equitable Access to Resources in Countries at the Pre-PPP Stage.” Mr. Smith’s first assignment under this 24-month project was to analyse utilisation of PPPs as a tool for Natural Resource Funds to promote sustainable development.

Earlier, Mr. Smith provided analysis in support of the Czech government’s voucher privatisation program, and managed a USAID-funded project to identify the costs of potable water production in Albania. He has PPP experience on five continents and is the author of more than 30 articles on Public-Private Partnerships, published in six languages.

Mr. Smith has been actively involved in the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP) since 1999. He has served on the NCPPP’s Board of Directors, and as a Vice President, President and Chairman.

Mr. Smith holds an M.S. in Technology Management from the University of Maryland.



Max Brooker

Associate Director, OTB Engineering

With over 33 years post-graduate engineering experience, Max has developed a talent for assessing project technical risks and financial viability together with the development of project risk mitigation strategies that can improve project business performance. He has managed major projects led consulting assignments in Risk Management and PPP/PFI due diligence assignments across several sectors including; rail, roads, ports, canals, air traffic control, power and defence.

Max originally developed his engineering and project management skills in the UK Defence Industry on Systems Engineering Projects. Notably he was Project Manager Japan for Thompson Marconi Sonar Systems and latterly managed the upgrading of the UK Nuclear Submarine Combat Systems for BAE Systems. After gaining an MBA focused on ‘Risk Management in Major Projects’ he moved into consultant engineering and specialised in due diligence on project finance deals. Max has developed a good reputation for Project Risk Management and international PPP/PFI due diligence assignments in blue chip UK based Consultant Engineers. His ability has been recognized by the UNECE and he has become a member of their PPP team of specialists.

MBA Strategic Analysis and Change Management, Bristol Business School.
BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Science, University of Salford.



Dolapo Kukoyi

Partner, Detail

Dolapo currently heads the firm’s Power Practice and has ample experience working on Infrastructure and PPP Projects. She is well versed in the legal aspects of the power sector, and is one of the leading Power lawyers in Nigeria, having worked for government agencies, regulators and private parties on various power transactions.

Her expertise in the power sector is supported by many years of experience advising clients on infrastructure broadly. The breadth of Dolapo’s infrastructure experience cuts across the Railways, Housing and Roads sectors.

Dolapo is a regular public speaker, particularly her areas of specialisation and interest including power and infrastructure.

Dolapo graduated from with a Law Degree from the University of Ibadan in 2001 before being admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 2004. In addition, she has International Practice Diploma in Intellectual Property from the International Bar Association/College of Law, 2006.




Marcel van den Broek MBA MSc

Independent Consultant

Marcel is an independent Consultant specialising in Public Private Partnerships (PPP). His professional experience of more than 20 years covers primarily infrastructure finance, and PPP’s. He was a founder and director of the PPP Task Force within the Dutch Ministry of Transport. For 9 years Marcel was Director PPP & Financial Advisory Services at ECORYS. Before ECORYS, he worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Ministry of Transport in the Netherlands and Arthur Andersen.

In the last decade he has been involved in some 100 projects over 30 countries in a variety of sectors. He has supported over a dozen governments and several multilateral institutions in the design of a policy or instruments to enable and facilitate private sector participation in the provision of public services. Recommendations have been mostly presented to the key decision makers including parliament, ministers or even prime ministers.

He has supported the establishment of various PPP units around the world (e.g. Netherlands, Poland, Albania, Jordan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan). He furthermore has provided numerous trainings and workshops on the subject of PPP (e.g. in Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania, Romania, Nigeria) mostly evaluated with outstanding reviews. He has been responsible for the development of the first PPP training in the Netherlands.

Marcel has an Executive Master of Business Administration, University of Nyenrode in the Netherlands in association with Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester in the USA and a Business Economics Master’s degree, University of Tilburg.



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