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About PPP Experts

PPP Experts are a leading provider for the implementation of Public Private Partnerships through the provision of advice, training and events. We work with both the Public and Private Sectors to effectively and efficiently apply international PPP best practice in new and emerging markets around the world.

Whether you’ve identified skills gaps in your existing team or you’re setting up a new PPP programme, we can create and deliver a tailored programme.

As a leading international PPP event organiser, we are experienced at building events that are focused and relevant to specific sectors and geographies, whilst drawing upon the international PPP community.


What We Do?

Public Private Partnerships can be complex and are a different way of doing business than conventional public construction and service projects. Fundamentally they involve the development and management of a commercial business opportunity in a sphere that historically has often been the exclusive preserve of government. Our services are focused on providing all parties to such opportunities the knowledge, skills and insight to form and deliver an appropriate opportunity:-



Our advisory practice provides seamless integration of strategy, legal, financial and commercial expertise across the lifecycle of PPP projects. From the first steps in scoping the benefits of PPP through to helping to...


From a short introduction to the key principles of PPP to a career development and management tool programme, PPP Experts provide a full range focused training that meet training needs for professionals working...


Public Private Partnerships are about bringing and keeping the two sectors together in a mutually beneficial manner. Effective communication at all levels is an important part of building and maintaining these...